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Can a strictly home page be interesting? Can a strictly cultural page be appealing? I believe it can and I try to prove it. If I succeed in it, you can check with my web projects, which have already been noticed elsewhere!


Tabula Marca

My own official pages; First created October 1994.
The Croatian link of the week

Internet Monitor
Hey, I like this. Or maybe I am loosing criteria? It is about home page, and you might say that visiting "this is me and my dog" pages (he really owes such a page) is pain in the ass of amusement, but look, it isn't. The author has a spirit, he likes Asquith's Pygmalion (good call), The Little Prince, the 50 French Frank note, he's into physics. . . . Author's drawings are charming and represent the trade-mark of the site. If you plan to make your own web home page, then have a look, what is there. (. . .) It is a pleasant job to point out one successful try. "The Croatian link of the week," (November 23, 1998)
Luka likes this page (May 21, 1997)

Choir town

The first official pages of the Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovacic"; First created September 1995.
NeT. magazine Very wittily conceived pages of Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovacic." ("The 100 most interesting WWW servers and HTML pages in Croatia," December 1995)

Dalmatian culture

The only pages dealing with Dalmatian folk songs; First created in May 1997.

Music, politics, and war: Views from Croatia

The pages accompaining the same-named book; First created in June 1998.

Latin proverbs and lucotions

The pages collecting Latin proverbs and lucotions; First created in December 1998.