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Hello. My name is Marko. On the second icon you can see my auto-portrait under the (Croatian) sun. The picture is my contribution to great surrealistic art; Its ingeniousness can be realized especially by observing marvelously shaped sunbeams and expressively pictured dog doing . . . what dogs usually do.

Marko (in the last row without glasses) with chicks from the "Turandot" performance, among them Sophia Larson and Laura de Silva

Of course, when I do not paint, I take part in many other artistic activities. As an enthusiastic singer, I am from 1993 a member of the Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovacic" and also the first official choir's home-page author and editor! Since my talents are so desperately wanted on other fields, I am only periodically a regular member, nevertheless, I managed to sing on some very prominent concerts. Yes! We are good enough even to be well paid for our voice producing. However, we always succeed to spend all of that enormous money on clothes and periodical choir parties. Of course, we are performing all over Europe, but that is definitely not the most interesting part to tell you! I really feel sorry for you, because as you don't live in Croatia, you'll never fully realize what you are missing: our singing and our chicks!

Singing is like a drug to me. My usual daily shot is a couple of beautiful Dalmatian "klapa" songs. These beautiful folk songs are objectively the best folk songs in the world (or the second best after your domicile folk songs anyway). That is why I decided to make and dedicate them the best (or the second best) web pages in the world. I suggest you to take a glimpse, but fasten yourselves well before that. In a moment you could feel extremely strong urge to move to, or at least to visit Dalmatia.

My fascination for town-planning forced me to conceive cities, and then also draw maps of them, Unite, Potuerre, Caldron, all having at least a million inhabitants. What usually bugs people is the fact that they never heard of them. So when they see those few square meter large sheets, full of small streets with strange names, they always ask me, in which country those Pot-thing and Uni-thing are located. Then I repeat the names and politely explain that I made them completely up. Nevertheless, they persist and keep wondering: "Yes, OK, but I want to know, which real cities did you have in mind?"

Marko-the-Cook and Kan-the-Hunger

The cooking is also the state of art and therefore another challenge for me. From the moment I decided to learn all about Dalmatian food, which recipes are in my family for centuries transferred through the male line, my doggy Kan was the one that showed most thrill. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact he always gets remains?

And what is the best and the fastest way to go shopping? By bicycle! I love it - no noise and works on street as good as in pedestrian zone. Pedestrians are not so thrilled, especially by close encounters. So I really prefer long excursion in the nature. Animals didn't protest so far.

However, more sophisticated transport devices were required to get me to a couple of European places, like Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Cassis, Dijon, Edinburgh, Graz, Inverness, Kobenhavn, Lvov, Lisboa, London, Marseilles, Montpellier, Moskva, Orleans, Paris, Praha, Reims, Roma, Sankt Petersburg, Stuttgart, Trieste, Trnava, Venezia, Verona or Wien. My companions, choirs mates, friends or co-workers weren't very excited about the idea to bicycle there. Bad point is that after a while it got boring and tedious. So I rather make virtual trips, using programs like "Colonization" and "Civilization."

Writing long letters is another way to ramble, not making any special physical effords. Actually, why should I visit that distant American continent, if I can find out all about its craziness from the thoughts of their inhabitants? And a person who loves writing surely loves reading. Since my letters are written in this century and I try to be consistent, I read mostly other modern literature, like Joyce, Kafka or Brecht.

Finally, it is appropriate to give something away, not just taking, isn't it? My choice is programming in Pascal, C and Assembler. I even wrote once a very popular freeware program ENUU. Namely, my conscience prevented me to take some money for it. It could spoil me and turn me from a programmer to an economist or a merchant.

Some people know the secret of my regular visits to IRC (inter-relay chat). The number of nicks (in order of appearance, Icarus, Pygmalion, Aurelius, LLL /Long Live Latvia/, Liu, Kvaternik, DominiSuX, Split1700, tavrh, Pooh, Rebus, Matica, Brdo, Cadfael, Lesseps, Seagull, MBX and Blanciflor) persuaded my friends that the only way to track me down is watching for my user name. Well, I am helpless. . . . I just can't decide which of those nicks suits me the best!

When I do not practice any of the above-mentioned eight activities, neither I improve my four web projects, I do and learn some physics, and hopefully, publish articles and pass exams. Yes, I am also a postgraduate student of physics, can you believe that? Do not worry; I am otherwise a nice guy. My specialty. . . . Have you ever heard of "Solid State Physics?" We meet and work with all kinds of solid things but money. You know, like superconductors, semiconductors, false conductors. . . . And then we send them to that IBM company to make some computers out of them.

"Perhaps a sausage pops out of the funny machine? . . ."

And here is something for those that expected a personal physical data (following measures are acceptable in both US and Europe):

Age:860000 rest neutron lifetimes
Height:3.63 1012 Bohr radii
Weight:6.86 1032 rest electron masses
Color of eyes:The Hydrogen beta line