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My favorite creations

  • Title: Pygmalion
  • Created: Great Britain, 1938
  • Actors: Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller (on the picture)
  • Director: Anthony Asquith
  • Comment: One of the best comedies ever, written by G. B. Shaw and faithfully and convincingly presented by excellent English actors.

  • Title: Symphony No. 9 in e-minor Op. 95, "From the New World"
  • Created: USA, 1893
  • Author: Antonin Dvorak (on the picture)
  • First movement: A, B;
    Second movement: A, B;
    Third movement: A, B;
    Fourth movement: A;
  • Comment: The greatest Czech composer Antonin Dvorak was the first who believed that American national music should be based on North American Indian songs. His belief is especially evident in this particular piece of work, full of beautiful melodies and composed in the best European symphonic tradition.

  • Title: The Little Prince (on the picture)
  • Created: French Africa, 1943
  • Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  • Illustrations: the author himself
  • Comment: The beauty of this extraordinary book is that it is as popular among children, as it is enlightening for adults, giving real answers to the questions of our life.

  • Title: Daphne and Apollo (on the picture)
  • Created: Italy, 1622 - 1625
  • Author: Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
  • Comment: Despite believed to be impossible, Bernini succeeded to catch gracefully and buoyantly the moment, in which nymph Daphne turns into a laurel tree to escape importunate Apollo.
  • See the larger picture.

  • Title: Twilight Zone
  • Created: USA, 1959 - 1964
  • Author: Rod Serling (on the picture)
  • Comment: Imagination and originality of this particular series were never matched by any other television project.

  • Title: The 50 French Frank note (on the picture)
  • Created: France, 1992
  • Comment: This beautiful and picturesque note harmoniously contains motifs from Antoine de Saint-Exupery's life and his book "The Little Prince."
  • See the (larger) front - back.

  • Title: Na me pogled tvoj obrati
  • Author: Population of Croatian province Dalmatia
  • Recorded: Dalmatia (on the picture), the 19th century
  • Comment: The eminence of beautiful national heritage is the result of century-long refining, so there is no way that feelings expressed in a folk song could be expressed in more intense and condensed way. Moreover, Dalmatian "klapa" songs distinguish themselves with a special intimacy and emotionality.